Key research papers and publications prepared by local and international experts and researchers and published by Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies, copies of which are available in our main office in Amman, include:


Vision Center for Strategic and Development Studies in accordance with the Social and Economic Council, conducted a Study about the Role of the Private Sector in Education, Training, Employment, and Developing Human Resources in Jordan. The study aimed at exploring the point of view of a number of business owners in the private sector regarding their roles in training, employment, and human resources in Jordan.



Visions Center and Konrad Adenaur Stiftung: Training Manual for NGO's in Jordan.
Together with Konrad Adenaur Stiftung (KAS) Visions Center carried out a training for 80 NGO’s in the middle of Jordan, along with 80 NGO’s in the south of Jordan – which materialized in to a “Training Manual for NGO’s in Jordan”. The project was supported by the Ministry of Social Development.


Khaled Awamleh, Martin Beck, and Jihad Abu Al-Sondos:  Decentralisation and Local Development, Amman: Wisam Print.


2010: Governor Dr. Ra'ed Sami Al-edwan: Administrative Decentralization and its Contribution to Local Development: A Review of the Governorate Decentralization Project


2010: Prof. Dr. Christoph Strünk: How to Empower and Run a Municipality - a German Perspective Contribution to "Civic Participation and Local Development: Building Effective Communities in Jordan"

2010: Dr. Bassem Al-twissi: The Media and Development in Jordan - Workshop: Local Development and Civic Participation: Building Effective Communities in Jordan

2010: Judge Dr, Amjad AL-shraideh: Central Authority's Control of Local Authorities in Jordan -

Local Development and Civic Participation: Building Effective Communities in Jordan

2010: Dr, Jamal Ahmad Al-nosoor: Basics of Local Development Planning -Local Development and Civic Participation in Jordan:  Building Effective Communities in Jordan

2010: Dr. Jehad Ahmad Abu Al-sondos: The Role of Urban Observatories in Planning for Local Development

2010: Dr. Khaled Wassef AL-wazani: The Role of the Private Sector in Local Development

2010: Dr. Renate Reiter: Building a Municipality: How to Ensure Participation of Men and Women alike

2010: Dr. Jehad Ahmad Abu Al-sondos: Methodology of Building Institutional Capacity for Local Development

2010: Reem Obeidat: The Media and Community Participation

2010: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shawqi Abdel Al: Decentralization, Democracy and Human Rights


2010: Dr. Khaled Wassef AL-wazani: Local Community and Economic Development (Its Role and Gains)

2010: Sawsan Zaideh: The Media and Women Empowerment in the Parliament and Local Government Institutions

2010: Khaled A-shaqran: The Role of Civil Society in Local Development: The Jordanian Case


2010: Dr. Khaled Al-awamleh: Challenges of Local Development in Arab States


2010: Eng. Khaleda Khlaifat: The Role of Greater Salt Municipality in Local Development

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