Management and Implementation

At Visions Center we help our clients achieve their strategic objectives through the creative and cost-effective management and delivery methods.


Visions Center offers a smarter, evidence-based approach to program management and project implementation. We integrate the thoughtfulness of a research institute with the practical delivery skills of a development consultancy, underpinned by a deep understanding of the context. Building on our expertise generating robust evidence in fragile and conflict-affected states within the region, we design and manage adaptive programs through effective feedback loops from beneficiaries, clients, and other key stakeholders.


Our management and implementation approaches are to understand the local context, collaborate with the best local talent, priorities transparency and openness, and focus on the quality of our product and the value for money. Managing program implementation is context dependent and can vary hugely in complexity and content. To perform effectively in challenging and complex contexts, it requires a sensitive mix of technical, operational and financial expertise. Effective program management requires the constant balancing between these different elements. Our approach integrates leading expertise with a strong understanding and empathy with our clients and the delivery contexts they face.


Visions Center offers general management services in client and consortium management, performance and result management, work plans management, team and remote management. Technical management includes sectorial expertise in Education, Health, Security and Justice, Public and Private sector reform, and Economic development. Visions Center also offers thematic expertise in Governance and Accountability, Stabilization, Human Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion. Additionally Visions Center offers operation management in the duty of risk management, data and knowledge management, and flexible & scalable operational capacity. Visions Center financial management includes compliance, due diligence of suppliers, fund/grant management, procurement, and fiduciary risk management.


Our Project Management and Implementation services enable our clients to achieve key outcomes in challenging environments while lowering costs and reducing their company risk.