Objective & Mission:
Jordan is increasing in popularity as a destination for cultural and academic exchange, providing students from all over the world the opportunity to experience Jordan and the regions many particularities and diversities. Jordanians however does not enjoy the same luxury, and only few ever gain the opportunity to experience the world outside their home country. Learning No Border is founded on the mission of providing Jordanians with the opportunity to experience the diverse culture and academic world that Europe has to offer.

Learning No Borders is an educational and professional development initiative by the Jordanian non-profit: Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies.

We are provide a non-academic and an academic program: for youths and undergrads; Learning No Borders aims to enhance and improve the cultural understanding between Jordanian and European youths through a 2-pillar approach:

1- Academic Field-Based Internship
2- Cultural Youth Exchange

We combine language, cultural exchange, exploration, and applied skills to deliver courses and programs that transform dreams into international opportunities. Our target audience are youths and young adults in the age of: 14-19, (Cultural Youth Exchange) and 19-25 (Field-Based Internship).

The experiences offered by Learning No Borders reflect our core values:
▪ Enhancing language capabilities
▪ Increasing cultural understanding and exposure to greater diversity of perspectives
▪ Transfer of knowledge and ideas
▪ Professional development
▪ Diplomacy & peace building
▪ Intercultural communication
▪ Character and leadership development
▪ Adventure


Academic: Field-Based Internship (January 2019)
• Undergraduate students from Jordan will come to the University of Sussex and enroll in an academic Field-based Internship.
• Internships will run over an entire semester and will begin either in September, January, and Summer (3 annually)
• The internships will be specifically tailored to give the interns the opportunity to apply their major in the field and gain practical, applied knowledge
• The internship will constitute 3 credits and will:
o Run over 8-14 weeks
o 145 Hours a month
o 36 hours a week

Additionally, the internship department will provide a weekly seminar focused on reflection and lessons learned and project progress. To ensure that the internship lives up the university standards, comprehensive monitoring mechanisms have been put in to place – including:
o Supervision and follow up on interns
o Performance monitoring
o Mid and end of term evaluations

To guarantee student satisfaction and internship quality, Learning No Borders, has developed a thorough screening process for internship applicants. Preliminary screenings have the following requirements from applicants (these requirements comply with the requirement of the University of Sussex):
o CV
o GPA above 3.3
o A-Levels in Mathematics
o Applicants will be required to deliver a personal statement and a project proposal demonstrating that they possess the required skills and capabilities to carry out the specific internship

Cultural Youth Exchange (Summer 2019)
• Exchange students from high schools in Jordan will go the University of Sussex in United Kingdom for a 3-week cultural exchange program
• During their stay the young students will participate in 5 thematic, including:
o Language: ESL Enhancing the applied language skills of the students
o Culture: Cultural activities with British students, cultural immersion with host families
o Applied Knowledge Skills: Leadership, money management, empathy, open mindless, compassion.
o Tourism: Adventure trips, Sight-seeing trips