Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a vital role for our clients and we therefore help to promote constructive and sustainable dialogues with their stakeholders at a community level in support of their key objectives.


Our stakeholder engagement services create sustainable dialogue between our clients and the communities where they work. We map and elucidate local context and enable our clients to work safely and effectively while maximizing the positive social impact of their operations.


We create successful and sustainable operating environments for our clients by ensuring that local communities are able to participate in decisions that impact them. This is especially important in fragile and conflict-affected environments, where the exercise of rights is restricted, governance is weak, infrastructure is limited, and community relations are fraught.


Through our local research networks, participatory techniques contextualized training and strategic expertise, Visions Center promotes constructive and on-going dialogue, compromise and consensus.


Through the establishment of governance and accountability mechanisms based on two-way communication and the establishment of effective tracking systems, training and capacity building of staff we build a resilient and sustainable mediation capacity and ensure long-term positive dialogue between our clients and their stakeholders.


We work with our clients to deliver: nuanced stakeholder mapping, insightful network analysis, effective design management, sustainable engagement with difficult to manage and dispersed stakeholders, constructive dialogue facilitation with with and between stakeholders, empathetic understanding of the local and social impact of operations, and comprehensive risk reduction and branch protection methods.