Capacity Building for the Public & Private Sector

An important part of our social responsibility here at Visions Center is to help improve the organizational performance, effectiveness, and capacity of our client's projects and or organisations.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in capacity building and organisational development is an aspect which is particular relevant in an Middle Eastern setting, and we thus take this responsibility very seriously. Therefore a considerable part of our past and present projects focus on building and improving the capacity of our client's to help them grow and develop,


Visions Center conducted workshops in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and the Ministry of Social Development to build institutional capacities of charity organizations in terms of developing a solid organizational structure, promoting values of good governance, and institutionalizing the concept of transparency and accountability. Through these workshops, which were conducted in central and southern Jordan, an open dialogue between the different entities facilitated in identifying new initiatives to be taken towards institutional reform, within the participating charity organizations and the Ministry of Social Development. It also encouraged active participation from the local communities and entities to initiate change for their local communities and to hold the government transparent and accountable.


Visions Center also provided several trainings (2010-present) for the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and its departments capacity building for local development unit, decentralization, restructuring pertinent departments within the ministry: elections/policy and development, human resource management, local development. Visions Center also provided capacity building for restructuring the Ministry of Interior’s local development.


In 2011-2012 Visions Center along with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung designed and implemented special capacity building programs for the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Political Development on empowering and developing skills for the Legislative and Executive branch in terms of advocacy and lobbying for legislative and political reform within the government.


Additionally, in March 2012, Visions Center provided capacity building training for the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Political Development for their liaison officers, staff on their institutional roles and responsibilities, communication skills with other departments, and understanding the role of good governance, transparency, and accountability in building a competent and efficient institution. Visions Center simultaneously developed manuals for the ministry on how to build effective relations and communication between the legislative and the executive branch.


In 2012, Visions Center provided capacity building for Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for building public relation seminars, arbitration, and negotiation skills. Visions Center also provided capacity building through a conference on Governance and Transparency in Amman, Jordan with our partners from the West Bank and Germany.  The conference addressed corruption in the political and social sphere.  Participants were held from the Higher Education, Judicial, Governmental, Private, and NGO sectors.