Visions Center for Strategic & Development Studies

A non-profit organization striving to achieve: economic, social, and political development in Jordan and the region through our 4 pillar approach:

  1. Social Responsibility

  2. Business Development

  3. Youth Development

  4. Financial Development



Visions Center works to empower local communities in Jordan and abroad. We feel we have a social responsibility to help those in need. We believe this can be achieved through services with both private and public clients. We have a special focus on topic areas such as Decentralization, Good Governance, and Stopping Corruption.

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At Visions Center we believe that one of the most essential factors for regional stability is financial stability achieved from the ground up. Therefore, we seek to develop and empower both local and regional business to enhance and improve regional economy and local living standards.



“If we are to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with children.” Mahatma Gandhi

At its core, the purpose of Visions Center is to promote peace and stability in the region and we believe that youths are the key to strengthening the future of the Middle East. We are developing innovative local educational initiatives, such as cultural exchange between Jordan and Europe

Visions Center works to empower our clients through the five key principles of financial development:


1) Feasibility Studies, 2) monitoring investments and the exercise of corporate governance after providing financing; 3) facilitation of the trading, diversification, and management of risk; 4) mobilization and pooling of savings; and 5) promoting the exchange of goods and services

Management & Implementation


Helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives through creative and cost-effective management and delivery methods. 

Strategic Monitoring & Evaluation

Helping our clients increase the value, impact, and sustainability of their organization or programs, while ensuring accountability and oversight of implemented projects.

Research & Analysis

Helping our clients understand complex and challenging topics while building the evidence base for programming, policy, and strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement


Helping our clients promote constructive and sustainable dialogues with their stakeholders at a community level in support of their key objectives.

Capacity Building

Helping our clients improve their organizational performance by building capacity through uniquely tailored strategic planning.

Risk Management

Helping our clients to protect and enhance their reputations through effective risk assessment and management.

Quality Management & Corporate  Services


We assist clients in managing and improving their businesses through implementing Quality Management Systems (QMS) and providing ISO Training and Audits. This helps our clients improve their efficiency and visualize their future goal

Our business development strategy includes the following services:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Investment Mapping

  • Market research

  • Sustainability Planning

  • Implementing Quality Management Systems (QMS)


Learning No Borders is our new educational and professional development initiative. It aims to enhance the cultural understanding between Jordan youths and the international community through a two pillar approach:

1. Cultural Youth Exchange


2. Field-Based Internships



Public-Private Partnerships Financing


Helping our clients achieve their financial objectives through PPP’s – training them in the different applications of PPP’s and innovative solutions and approaches

Bank Financing​


Helping our clients achieve their development goals through tools such as bank financing – empowering both large and small initiatives to grow faster

Entrepreneur Financing​


Helping our clients understand the tools available for entrepreneur financing, and how it can enhance the financial development of private and public enterprises

Strategic- Financial & Business Planning​


Helping our clients improve their performance and cost effectiveness by building their financial and business strategies


Our Vision


  • Developing an intimate familiarity with the history and geography of the places in which we are working

  • Understanding the diversity, needs and aspirations of our target population 

  • To always include multiple perspectives in any work, looking at both the regional, local, and community level to thoroughly understand the implications of a specific project

  • Drawing on a broad range of precedents and best practices from across the region and around the world in every aspect of our work

  • Facilitating a meaningful exchange of ideas between our clients, the people affected by our projects, and other stakeholders

  • Working closely with key stakeholders throughout the planning process 

  • Achieving a “triple bottom line” by combining social responsibility with political progress and economic development

  • Identifying pragmatic and sustainable solutions that address short-, medium-, and long-term needs of local development projects

  • Recognizing that institutional and social development creates economic opportunity

"Being a locally founded organization gives us an advantage in every project we carry out as it keeps us rooted in the culture and context of the region which ensures cultural appropriateness and enhances chances of post project sustainability"



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Fatima Suleiman
Administration & Finance Director

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OUR Partners

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Our Methodology

Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies are proud of our elaborate implementation methodology approach and our project cycle management capabilities.

  • Needs Assessment & Project Design: Visions Center recognizes the importance of a thorough and detailed needs assessment for the success of any project. The impact and sustainability of any implemented project is enhanced by out multi-layered approach, by first looking at the regional needs, moving on to national, local, and lastly the needs of the affected community.  A high focus is put on identifying measurable indicators and ensuring that the populations most in need are targeted. The project design is closely aligned with the needs - assessment and the donor, along with any implementing partners. Needs Assessment includes but not limited to: Situational Analysis, Gap Analysis, and Pre- and Post Survey Analysis.

  • Conducting seminars, conferences, meetings, and specialized training courses on various areas of intellectual, political, developmental, and social research.

  • Scientific communication with local, regional and international scientific institutions, universities and specialized research centers and striving to develop joint scientific cooperation mechanism with said institutions to the benefit of objectives and issues adopted by Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies.

  • Providing scientific, consultancy and academic expertise to official and non-official institutions in accordance with outstanding professional and scientific standards.

  • Working on the development of new administration methods in areas of public policy making, local governance, local development, crisis management, decision making mechanisms, in addition to improving institutional, organizational and functional performance standards in areas of local governance policies.

  • Enhancing dialogue mechanisms to solve conflicts and disputes and promoting civic and community participation and voluntary work in local and Arab communities.

  • Assessing public opinion trends towards local and Arab issues with their political, developmental, social and cultural dimensions to help policy makers develop good policies at official and non-official levels.

  • Measure change in public opinion trends in issues relating to stability and balance in public policy making, and following up on efficiency, achievement and quality standards for performance levels in the public and private sectors by conducting field studies, researches and surveys in accordance with accurate and comprehensive scientific standards.

  • Detecting and assessing local and Arab intellectual trends and monitoring indicators and forms of local and community participation and citizens' satisfaction with the role of social economic, political, Media and cultural institutions and their ability to meet basic requirements and needs of communities with respect to development, renewal, improvement and overcoming problems and obstacles.

  • Providing services and training areas of audiovisual and written Media to enhance professionalism, specialization and performance standards of governmental and private Media institutions and identify major challenges and problems encountered by Arab, local and regional Media and their relation with public opinion; which would enhance the credibility of information and their sources within local and Arab Media frameworks.

  • Participating in raising awareness by managing election campaigns and negotiations and developing leadership abilities of decision makers in terms of working and making public policies to help build local capacities that are capable to deal with community challenges.

  • Contributing to intellectual, social, educational, administrative and cultural lives at all possible levels, considering that Visions center is part of the knowledge system of local and Arab environments.

  • Building administrative capacities of official and private institutions' staff, providing scientific advice on local and community development issues and providing specialized studies on health, environment, education and business.

  • Promoting youth contribution to community participation and field work I order for them to play a basic role in sustainable community development processes

  • Promoting women's participation in all scientific and professional areas of life to help develop and build their capacities and enhance their opportunities in said areas.

  • Participating in preserving Jordanian environment and national heritage to reinforce positive aspects of Jordanian identity and society.

  • Raising awareness of the principles of civil rights, public freedoms, political participation and citizenship rights, and the role of law in preserving components of political community.



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